Tile faster.
Tileset designing made easy so you can focus on making the perfect tileset.
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Smart Tilesets
Create a smart tileset instantly from a base tile. Smart tilesets update themselves automatically when necessary.
Automatic Compositing
Focus on what matters. Tilesetter automatically composites and updates your whole tileset based on a variety of parameters.
Fully Customizable
Make the tileset you envision with a variety of parameters at your disposal.
Convenient Map Editing
Design your maps practically. Tilesetter cleverly fixes tiles for you as you draw, making the process straightforward.
Direct Export
Quickly get your map in-game by exporting it directly to Defold Tilemaps, GameMaker Studio 2 Rooms, Godot Tilemaps or Unity Tilemaps.
Find the version that's right for you.
Supports Automatic Compositing and other basic functions. Proficient but doesn't pack all features.
The full Tilesetter experience. Speed up your design and stay up to date with new features being added.
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