• Sources are now automatically removed from the source dropdown.

  • Right-click menu now always stays visible and never obscured.

  • Added a “Copy Raw” operation which allows for tiles’ raw image data to be copied.

  • Implemented several performance optimizations.

  • Tilesetter now remembers the filename used when exporting assets.

  • Fixed bug where importing images into the Sandbox View would place the new tiles at the wrong location in the Set View.

  • Fixed issue where exporting maps with multiple layers as an image would sometimes produce missing or unordered tiles in the result.

  • Tilesetter now reverts to loading a new project upon opening if auto-loading the saved state would result in an error.

  • Layers in a Godot map export now all reference the same tileset.

  • Fixed rare crash when generating Wang Sets.

  • Fixed macOS keyboard shortcuts.

  • Project files are now saved with the proper file extension on Linux.


  • Fixed error with CMD+Z on macOS.

  • Fixed window regions going off-screen when scaling UI.

  • Fixed crash when generating Wang Sets with single base tile.

  • CMD+- on macOS now zooms on the grid instead of whole window.

  • Fixed error when copying and pasting tiles on Linux.


  • Added tooltips.

  • Added Cutoff option for Wang Sets.

  • Added UI scaling options (1x, 2x, 3x).

  • Shift+WASD now moves the focused region of the layer display.

  • Fixed issue where export modes would not be loaded into the menu.

  • Fixed issue where cursor lags behind on some monitor setups.

  • Fixed Unity export.


  • Added a Source picker besides the dropdown for easier selecting.

  • You can now zoom with CTRL+ and CTRL- (zooms on the selection).

  • Updated Electron Framework. Should run better on Linux.


  • Views/tabs no longer have a minimum size and can be resized down until they’re hidden.

  • Added outline around sources in the source dropdown.

  • Fixed export for GMS2 2.3.0.

  • Auto-tiling brush can now be resized with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.

  • Sync Region’s label is now outside the region as to not obscure the tiles within.


  • New ‘Relations’ system replaces old ‘Tiling’ system for describing auto-tiling. Added interface to convert pre-2.0.0 projects to the new Relations system.

  • Image generation for tiles is now tied to their relationship status with other tiles (in other words, on their behavior when auto-tiling).

  • Generated tilesets are immediately ready to be used in the Sandbox View (map editor). Marking base tiles as ‘Blob’ or ‘Wang’ in order to enable auto-tiling is no longer required.

  • Mixed border generation now supported: Wang borders for intersections between 3 or more types of terrain, and Blob borders with multiple types of edges for different neighbors.

  • Map editor now supports complex auto-tiling behavior using the new Relations system.

  • Layers now supported in the map editor.

  • CTRL+Click tile picker functionality updated for the brush tool in the map editor: If trying to pick a border tile, the base tile will be picked instead, depending on the quadrant clicked.

  • New ‘Proxy’ feature: Tiles can mimic another tile’s behavior and act as a variant. Possible to set variant weights when drawing in the map editor (probability of being drawn amongst all variants). Old variation system removed.

  • Added direct export to Defold and to JSON.

  • User-defined export formats now supported: ‘.tsfo’ files can be created and added as one of the export modes to let Tilesetter know how to export your data.

  • Source selector dropdown now features larger icons.

  • Set and Sandbox Views now show selection size at their bottom left corner.

  • Sync Regions now work with relative directories.

  • Sync Region now outlines in red if input file could not be found.

  • New, clearer error messages for invalid operations.

  • Added buttons linking to the Twitter page and to the Discord server.

  • Changed “New Project” prompt to be clearer.

  • Fixed issue where screen separators were not positioned correctly when launching for the first time.

  • Trying to open ‘.tset’ project files with invalid version no longer produces error.

  • Fixed bug where the copy icon in the Source Properties View wouldn’t work.


  • Pinch gesture on trackpads no longer does a program-wide zoom, and instead performs a grid zoom as intended.

  • Increased maximum zoom limit from 4x to 8x.


  • Fixed zoom sensitivity on trackpads.

  • Fixed issue where error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'maximize' of null would show up if the window wasn’t focused when booting.

  • Pure Delete key now works for deleting on macOS (equivalent to Backspace on Windows).

  • Fixed Unity exports on macOS.


  • The icon tile for the tileset when exporting to Godot will now use the tile with borders on all sides instead of the center tile with no borders on any side.


  • Fixed issue with cursor at screen scale factors greater than 100%.

  • Fixed issue where deleting one of the base tiles after creating a Wang set and then saving would create a corrupt save file.

  • Fixed issue where mouse would suddenly move to the other screen when using Tilesetter on a secondary monitor.

  • Tilesetter’s window can now be scaled from the top edge and corners.

  • Right click menu will no longer close when panning. Useful if the menu opens offscreen.

  • When importing an image or pasting image data, areas that are transparent will no longer create invisible tiles and invisible sources.

  • Added functionality for zooming out further. You can now zoom out until the tiles occupy 8x8 pixels on-screen.

  • Alt+left click & drag now pans the camera.

  • Fixed Unity export problem where The associated script can not be loaded.

  • Fixed Godot export issue where sometimes there would be a problem parsing the exported file.

  • Fixed Godot export issue when exported files were not placed in the root directory of the Godot project.

  • Fixed GMS2 export issue where exporting a selection with empty zones in the top left of the selection would result in a corrupted asset file.


  • Keyboard shortcuts for the Sandbox View: ‘M’ for select mode, ‘P’ for drawing mode (pencil), ‘B’ for painting mode (brush).

  • When selecting or dragging tiles to the edge of the view, the camera will automatically pan in that direction.

  • Maps in the Sandbox View can now export to the Godot engine!

  • Tiles in the Set view can now be exported directly for GameMaker Studio 2, along with auto-tiling configurations.

  • Tiles in the Set view can now be exported directly for Unity, along with configurations for Rule Tiles.

  • Tiles in the Set view can now be exported directly for Godot, along with bitmask configurations.

  • Added error messages when trying to build Wang borders with less than two tiles.

  • Fixed visual bug involving non-rectangle selections.

  • Fixed visual bug where selection outlines would sometimes be invisible.

  • Fixed visual bug where only top-left corner of tiles showed up in the tiling properties.

  • Fixed bug where auto-tiling wouldn’t work if drawing one prop over another when both had a Wang tiling mode tile as background.

  • The “Composition” and “Tiling” sections of the Tile Properties View will no more auto-expand once another tile is selected.

  • Fixed rare bug in Sandbox View where auto-tiling would work unpredictably when involving three different Wang sets.